Drainline Carry and Low-Flow Plumbing Fixture Study Begins

Finally, PERC (Plumbing Efficiency Research Coalition), will move forward with their drainline carry study.  Thus far, $30,000.00 has been committed to fund the research.  American Standard is supporting the effort by making a facility available and the necessary materials, which has allowed PERC to begin testing.  However, it is anticipated that an additional $50,000.00 will […]

Bathroom Trend Predictions for 2011

Modern bathroom picture with Kohler fixtures

What new bathroom trends will emerge in 2011?  Each year designers, interior decorators, manufacturers, and builders come out with what they believe will be hot trends for the bathroom.  As anyone who has ever seen pictures of runway models in outlandish outfits can attest, what creates buzz does not necessarily make it to main street. We […]

Myrtle Beach Plumber is Thankful!

Myrtle Beach has definitely felt the recession and this Plumber is especially thankful to all our customers who have supported us during these rough times.  Fogarty & Fogarty Plumbing Co. still offers the best service and quality at a competitive price.  As The Plumber Who Cares, we attribute our success to our commitment to providing […]

Are You Tired of Waiting for Hot Water? Part II

Fogarty & Fogarty Plumbing Co. installed a hot water re-circulating pump in our home and we no longer wait several minutes for hot water.  The re-circulating pump is installed at the water heater and a bypass valve is installed at the furthest fixture from the water heater.  In our case, this was our children’s bathroom […]

Are You Tired of Waiting For Hot Water? Part I

Prior to moving to Myrtle Beach, SC, I never had to wait too long for hot water.  When I turned a faucet on hot, hot water quickly followed.  When I turned a faucet on cold, the water was cold.  Life was nice and everything worked just as expected. When it came time to buy a […]

Rheem HP50RH Heat Pump Water Heater

This past fall Rheem, a leading provider of water heaters since the 1920’s, introduced their NEW hybrid heat pump water heater.  Due to demand, Rheem has come out with a 40 gallon model as well. Now you might be wondering “What is a heat pump water heater?” and “Will Myrtle Beach, SC plumbers install them?” […]

Evolution ProEssential Garbage Disposal Review

Insinkerator’s new Evolution ProEssential garbage disposal promises a lot, but does it deliver? Taken straight from the box, you know you are holding a quality garbage disposal.  We were immediately impressed with the overall look and feel of the unit.  It makes the Badger V look dated and inadequate.   The 40 oz. stainless steel chamber […]