Myrtle Beach Plumber Offers Free Advice to Protect Against the Arctic Blast

Baby, it’s cold outside! When Myrtle Beach residents woke up this morning and ventured outside, they were greeted with frigid temperatures.  Early morning temperatures dropped well below freezing and caught some people off-guard in Surfside Beach, Garden City, and Myrtle Beach. Fogarty & Fogarty Plumbing  responded to several calls for help today to deal with […]

Why Is There a Pink Ring in My Toilet Bowl?

Pink stain in toilet bowl

Customers have asked us why there is a pink ring in their toilet bowl and what can they do to get rid of it.  Often they are concerned that something must be in the water.  However, the pink ring that develops at the water line in the toilet, around drains, in the tub/shower area, and […]

Myrtle Beach Freezing Temperatures – Protect Your Plumbing

According to the extended weather forecast, it looks like our freezing temperatures in Myrtle Beach will linger for a few more days before warming up a little over the weekend.  The weather man expects temperatures to fall into the low 20’s overnight.  Yes, you read that right – low 20’s. There are a few things […]

What Are The Best Days to Start a DIY Plumbing Project?

Some days are better than others when starting a DIY plumbing project.  Lowes and Home Depot would have you believe a weekend is the perfect  time to dive into a project.  However, that could not be further from the truth.  Saturday and Sunday may be great days to get all of your shopping done, but […]

Best Plumbing Advice In Myrtle Beach!

What is the best plumbing advice I have for property owners in Myrtle Beach, Pawleys Island, Murrells Inlet, Carolina Forest, Conway, Surfside Beach, Garden City, and Litchfield Beach?  There are two things I think every property should know regarding their plumbing. The first and most important is to locate your main water shut-off valve and […]

What Can I Do to Save Money on Professional Plumbing Costs?

As a homeowner and/or property owner, there are definitely some things that you can do yourself to save money.  Please keep checking back in the DIY section of this blog for more articles related to saving money. Clogged toilets and running toilets are common complaints we hear from homeowners and/or property owners in Myrtle Beach, […]