Grab a Cup of Coffee and Sit a Spell

Welcome friends! When you are passionate about something, it is only natural to want to write all about it.  I am interested in all things related to plumbing.  I hope you find the information useful, and at the very least entertaining.  Please feel free to leave comments and make suggestions for future articles.  If you […]

Are Wipes Flushable?

Flushable Wipes

Often, after clearing a main sewer line,  we are asked “Why are sanitary wipes labeled flushable?”  Technically speaking, anything that will clear a toilet trapway is “flushable.”  However; it is well known within the plumbing industry that sanitary wipes, baby wipes, and cleaning wipes cause sewer lines to clog, costing homeowners a lot of money […]

NAECA – Say Good-bye to 80 Gallon Electric Water Heaters

NAECA GUIDELINES – 4/16/2015 National Appliance Energy Conservation Act Water heaters that will be impacted in our area: All Electric Water Heaters! Most significantly impacted will be homeowners / condo owners with 80 gallon electric water heaters and homeowners / condo owners with 50 gallon, 40 gallon, and 30 gallon lowboy models -typically installed in closets under […]

Myrtle Beach Homeowner Told Water Heater May Explode!

Being in the plumbing industry for more years than I care to disclose, I have heard, on more than one occasion, the story about a water heater shooting through the roof of a two story home. Usually when the story is repeated, the source is a friend of a friend, who knew this guy . […]

Myrtle Beach Hurricane Season 2014

Hurricane Destruction

June 1 marks the official start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season, and ends on November 30, 2014.   Statistically speaking, Myrtle Beach is overdue for a Hurricane.  The last Hurricane to hit Myrtle Beach was Hurricane Charley on August 14, 2004.  At that time, I didn’t live in Myrtle Beach; however, I was affected by […]

Everyday Heroes Work in the Trades!

Learn A Trade

As the old saying goes “It’s a dirty job, someone’s got to do it.”  I have had the pleasure of working with those who aren’t afraid to get dirty, and do the jobs most of us wouldn’t dream of doing.  Plumbing is a dirty job.  What is remarkable is the passion that tradesman have for […]

Kohler Introduces New Sprayer Option at Kitchen & Bath Show

At the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show held in Las Vegas, Kohler introduced a new kitchen sprayer option .  Rather than a circular pattern spray, the new Sweep spray technology produces a wide, powerful blade of water.  “We are thrilled to introduce this leading-edge spray to those looking for powerful performance from their kitchen faucet,” […]

75th Anniversary of the Single-Handle Faucet

Moen is celebrating the 75th anniversary of the single-handle faucet, invented by Al Moen, founder of Moen.   They say necessity is the mother of all invention, and after Al Moen burned himself using a traditional two-handle  faucet to wash his hands in 1937,  he was determined to solve the problem. In 1939, Al Moen’s […]

New Water Heater Regulations May Cost Myrtle Beach Homeowners A Bundle!

The Department of Energy had announced that it has raised the efficiency standards on residential water heaters, which will go into effect in 2015.  Though we support saving energy, the fact is that a lot of consumers will be paying significantly more for a water heater.  Some industry experts are predicting the cost of equipment […]

2013 Best of Business Award

Fogarty & Fogarty Plumbing Co., Inc. , serving Myrtle Beach and the surrounding areas, has received the 2013 Best of Business Award from the Small Business Community Association, (SBCA).  Our press release is featured on, and can be found here: We are very proud of our award, as we work diligently to serve […]

Quick Tips for Water Conservation – Part Two

In Fogarty & Fogarty Plumbing’s last article, we offered suggestions to beach house owners on how to save money and conserve water this tourist season.  The beach house rental industry only represents a small portion of the tourists in Myrtle Beach.  Many tourists will be staying in condominiums along The Grand Strand coastline. Fogarty & […]